Pulse 99.5 or Pulse 101.7?

Over a year ago we prepared for the FCC’s approval of a process to move us to 101.7FM. Right now the group who initiated this move has failed to convince the FCC on the merits, so we should know soon if this will happen. Thanks to everyone who has prayed for God’s will on this. We will let you know when a final determination is made by the FCC.

We have, however, accomplished many key upgrades over the past year:

1.    Began a new City Stop (Cruiser) educational program targeting children, youth and families which has resulted in growth of Pulse 99.5FM’s overall listenership.

2.    Launched a new website based upon listener feedback  (with a “buy songs now” feature).

3.    Expanded our on-line outreach/social media presence
4.    Launched Pulse “After Dark Access” for our younger listeners
5.    Expanded our Facebook and Tweeting to include texting connectivity.

6.    You can now find us in your app stores for android or iOS

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