Pulse 99.5 or Pulse 101.7?

Four years ago we prepared for the FCC’s approval of a process to move us to 101.7FM. It took a while, but the FCC made its ruling last fall and we’re preparing to switch frequencies, along with two other stations, to better serve the central Iowa community. Thanks to everyone who has prayed for God’s will on this!

Will you still be the same station?
YES! You’ll hear the same music, same on-air personalities, same everything. The only thing changing is our location on the dial!

When will this happen?
Our target is the first week of April 2015. Please pray that all goes smoothly. There’s a lot that goes into changing a radio frequency!

How will this affect the signal?
Our engineers and many radio friends agree that new equipment specifically tuned to this signal will improve our overall sound. So while we will still be broadcasting at 6,000 watts, we are confident that our sound in the central Iowa area will be stronger than before.

Will I still be able to hear Pulse in Ames?
The 95.5 frequency in Ames is operated by another organization. They plan to continue rebroadcasting our signal. You will still be able to hear Pulse in Ames at 95.5FM after we move up the dial to 101.7FM.

This frequency is similar to Life 107.1. Why is that?
It was actually the FCC filing of another station wanting to move closer to Des Moines that precipitated our move to 101.7. Because radio stations are federally regulated, we do not have a choice in frequency location. We just know that it will be good for Pulse’s coverage in the central Iowa area, and we’re trusting God with the rest! We love our friends at Life 107.1 as we both work toward the common goal of encouraging hearts in our community!

How can I help?
Perhaps the thing we’re most excited about is the opportunity to leverage the ‘buzz’ about the frequency switch to introduce more people to Pulse music. There are far too few positive media options for kids, young adults and young families in our community. Help us spread the word by sharing with your church or community group, on social media, and anywhere else you can think of!

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