Movin’ On Up!

MovingOnUpWE HAVE NEWS! Pulse 99.5FM will be MOVING UP THE DIAL to 101.7FM this April. SAME STATION, NEW LOCATION!

Your support matters now more than ever as we use this frequency switch to raise awareness about Pulse and reach out to more people with a message of hope!

Here are some additional ways you can help us make the most of this opportunity:

PRAY for the success of our move and continued effectiveness of our mission.

DISTRIBUTE flyers and/or present a video to your church or community group.

FORWARD/re-post any online messages you see regarding the switch to help get the word out.

STICK the new Pulse 101.7 window sticker on your car in April.

PARTICIPATE in and pray for a successful March 4/5 Spring Pledge Drive.

UNDERWRITE some billboards. :)

Thank you for your faithfulness to the Pulse 99.5 (101.7!) mission.
We are excited about the opportunities.

Here’s to new horizons!

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    Backstage at WinterJam 2015

    We called our friends at Freedom For Youth and invited them to bring a dozen students from their after school program to attend WinterJam and go backstage. It was a blast! Thanks to Word Records for helping us make this happen for these great kids!

    Pulse 99.5FM Winterjam 2015 – Freedom For Youth from Pulse 99.5FM on Vimeo.

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      Winter Jam 2015!

      Winter Jam 2015 was the best yet!

      As a staff, we love to be a part of Winter Jam because it gives us the chance to share Pulse 99.5FM and positive hit music with THOUSANDS of people and have fun while doing it! What an awesome opportunity!


      The Pulse Street Team threw frisbees from locations all over the arena at one point during the show, which always looks so cool. Some of the frisbees were specially marked as prize winners. The people who caught those got a free CD from a Winter Jam artist. I love that! We also handed out hundreds more frisbees at our booth, which made a lot of kids really happy (and some grown-ups, too!)


      Our red carpet photo booth was also a big hit this year. Don’t we all like to strike a pose with our family and friends while feeling like a famous celebrity on the red carpet?!? Yes we do.


      We also enjoyed being able to talk with people as they stopped by the booth. We loved seeing so many familiar faces as well as sharing the station with people who had never heard of us before. It was great to be able to tell people from all over the state that although they couldn’t get our signal on their car stereo, they could listen to the station on our APP! I LOVE that no matter where you live, you can listen to Pulse 99.5!

      So, that’s another fun Winter Jam in the books for this year. We’ll see you next year at Winter Jam 2016!

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        Winter Jam 2015 – a glance backstage


        What an amazing experience we all had at Winter Jam this year! From hanging out backstage to going on stage to wonderful conversations and interactions at our booth, it was a night to remember.

        One of my favorite moments happened while we were waiting to go on stage and dance during “Cray Button” with FF5. I turned to see John Cooper of Skillet standing within a few feet of me. Then, I saw him stand on his tippy-toes to look over some equipment and watch  his children as they danced with friends of theirs from the tour. That smile – you know, the one that parents have when watching their children – came over his face and at that moment I saw him as a fellow parent and not a celebrity. It was super-cool!10915003_10153060347622174_5746220557188080669_o

        All of our interactions with the artists were so genuine. More than ever before, I was reminded of how wonderful it is to be able to work with Christian artists. They generally have a very humble demeanor and are kind and conversational. Most important of all, they are extremely talented and provide awesome music that offers an alternative (without compromise) to the vulgarity of most popular, mainstream music. Please remember to support these artists by tuning in to Pulse 99.5FM and also by purchasing albums from your favorites. You might even find that your most favorite song isn’t the hit single!


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          Pulse WinterJam Interviews

          If you didn’t get a chance to hear them before the show, don’t worry! We have uploaded all of the interviews with our Pulse artists that appeared at WinterJam this year.

          Click the link below and hear from artists Building 429, Family Force 5, For King & Country, Skillet and Veridia!

          Go to Interviews

          Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.37.13 AM

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            VERIDIA: Unconventional Prom Dress Giveaway

            Click image for details on how you could win a custom-designed dress for this year's prom!

            Click image for details on how you could win a custom-designed dress for this year’s prom!

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              Pulse music on TODAY!


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