September was an AWESOME month for Christian Music…

September was an AWESOME  month for Christian Music releases, starting with Lecrae’s #Anomaly album and recently concluding with Switchfoot’s Edge of Earth EP.

After #Anomaly hit the top of the charts on iTunes, For King and Country released their new album Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. The album includes the latest Pulse hit, ‘Fix My Eyes’ and other great songs! You can download ‘Fix My Eyes’switch675 and the rest of the album by linking to our Pulse Top 20 Page!

The latest September release of Switchfoot’s Edge of Earth EP is a compilation of songs from the band’s latest movie documentary, a film about the creation of their album Fading West – the EP features exclusive songs to the film. It’s a refreshing change as some of the songs on the album are sung by different members of the band! If you haven’t seen their documentary ‘Fading West’ it is available to stream on Netflix.

Check out the new releases from these artists and others by checking out our new and improved mobile app!


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    Encouraging Hearts

    10527579_10152583695082174_6525803081836135220_nGod continues to use Pulse 99.5 to make a difference in the lives of thousands of listeners. Just this past week, we heard from a young mom battling breast cancer, a recovering addict who just celebrated two years of being substance-free, and a missionary in AFRICA who is streaming the new Pulse app each day to experience a taste of home as he answers God’s call on his life on another continent. Each expressed gratefulness for the encouragement Pulse 99.5 provides them each day. Know this: it’s only through grassroots support that Pulse 99.5 exists. Your support makes Pulse possible!

    If you’re currently supporting Pulse, THANK YOU. If you didn’t get a chance to call in during our Fall Pledge Drive, it’s not too late! Click here to give.

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      Lecrae Giveaway

      Welcome to Day 1 of our Fall Pledge Drive!

      Help us reach our call goal of 100 new pledges today.
      lecrae_295x295God is changing lives through Pulse 99.5FM, and your support ensures that the Pulse mission continues for another year!

      When you pledge online or call in before 6:30PM today, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a Lecrae prize pack, including t-shirts, his new album, and four tickets to his October 24th show in Minneapolis! Road trip, anyone?!!

      Make your pledge here, or call now!
      (515) 987-9995

      It takes a lot of people to make the Pulse 99.5FM mission work. Thanks for joining the Pulse giving family! We need you!

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        We need you!

        You’ve heard that Pulse 99.5FM is listener supported. You hear the stories of how Pulse is making a difference in people’s lives – and you know it makes a difference in your life. Hopefully, you’re considering making a pledge to support the mission of Pulse 99.5FM! Here’s what your station needs to sustain and grow our efforts over the next year:

        1. We must experience 20% growth in ongoing monthly pledges. Your support each month ensures that we can continue to provide Pulse 99.5FM to our community and beyond through the radio, our online stream and listening app. Your monthly gift of any amount is KEY! We need to hear from about 70 families who want to join our monthly giving family with a gift of 10, 30 or 50 dollars per month!
        2. We need partners who support a day (or multiple days) of programming. The cost is $840 per day. Your gift of one or more days of programming makes a huge difference!
        3. We need people to come on board for the very first time with any gift, big or small – it all matters!

        Please pray and consider how God would like to use you to bless Pulse 99.5FM and the listeners who are encouraged by the station each day. And when you’re ready to make your pledge, click here!

        THANK YOU. We are so grateful for your support.

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          God gives most

          Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.38.54 AMImagine your most precious possession – a piece of jewelry, a memento, a memory – or even a special person. Something or someone you don’t feel you could live without. And this special possession has been the object of your heart affection all of your life. It has become the enjoyment, the comfort, the exhilaration of your soul.

          And now you are required to let it go. You willingly allow it to be taken from your hands – the object of your affection has now become the gnawing pain of loss.

          This is what it meant for the Father to give up His Son to be rejected, mocked, and crucified. There is simply no greater gift that has ever been given. God is not only the Giver of Life – He is the Giver of His Son to die for your sins and mine.

          Whenever Burnadette and I give our dollars to causes we believe in here or around the world, we are comforted in the fact that whatever we share in our giving reflects our true gratefulness that God has given everything for us. Everything.

          This is the motivation of a spiritual giver – “how can giving my resources to causes bigger than myself help my heart to connect with the One Who has given everything to me?”

          Thanks for your cheerful, measured gifts to Pulse 99.5. And thanks be to God for His indescribable Gift!

          Warmest regards for your partnership! Thanks for giving your monthly pledge of $20 -$30 – $40 per month this week. It is huge to our mission.

          for the Pulse listening and giving family

          “Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name. And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”      – Hebrews 13.15,16

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            Album Review – Lecrae’s Anomaly

            I grew up listening to rap music. I am a Gen Y gal, the generation that truly began to embrace rap music from a young age. I have discussed with my husband, “What happens when we get older… are we still going to be listening to this?” I ask this mainly because of the risque reputation rap music has gained from its lyrics. This thinking is similar to the current popularity of getting a tattoo and then having that image with you on your body as an elderly person. Because these things are what is popular, they create the new norms. Most popular music on mainstream stations IS hip-hop/rap. There are now stations devoted only to the genre.

            When I first came to Pulse 99.5FM, I was not hearing much rap. I talked with Rachel Leigh about this once and she shared a great point: when Christian rock music first began, it had a sound that was different than the mainstream version, making it less accessible. Today, Christian rock artists create music that is very comparable stylistically to that of the mainstream, bridging that gap. She said that until Christian rap music became comparable in sound to that of the mainstream rap artists, it would be difficult for those who did not only listen to Christian music to relate and fall in love with the sound.

            anomalyTHE ALBUM

            Lecrae has bridged this gap. His talent is immense. He creates music with similar beats and background music, and his talent of rapping and writing is easily at the same level of any mainstream rapper. BUT, he shares Truth… addressing relevant, important issues.

            This album is raw. It is powerful. You can feel the emotion. Many of the songs are eye-opening, bringing awareness to issues that people face each day, but that we don’t always want to talk about. He even discusses the issue of mainstream rap music; what the artists are providing and what influence that can have on children of the current generation.

            The last song on the album features Pulse 99.5FM artist For King and Country. It empowers and encourages the listener be a messenger of truth.  Make sure that YOU share this album with anyone who is a fan of the genre…and ask them to share it, too. Those who are not currently listening to Christian music will recognize his talent and be impacted by the message. I believe this album is the beginning of a new era in Christian rap. Lecrae is truly an “Anomaly.”

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              Does this make me a sneaky mom?

              Let me put this out there – I’m probably the least technical woman on the planet. Which is funny, considering I work in RADIO. But seriously – I know which buttons to push to play a song and get my voice on the air… and I rely on my incredible team to do the rest of the technical stuff around here. I like to focus on communicating with you and bringing you awesome music!

              So I’m not sure how this happened. All I know is it DID happen. I was looking through my ‘recently added’ folder in iTunes, and came across a sound recording from my daughter’s iPod Touch (she’s just been gifted this for her 10th birthday so she can stream the Pulse app!). I must have something set wrong if it’s importing all her sound recordings, and not just downloaded songs, right?

              But here’s the cool thing. I tapped on the recording, and the most awesome thing began to play. She was recording herself singing Pulse music. (I would share, but she would be mortified!) And she knew all the words to a song with a wonderful message!

              Jessa Anderson IdolsI am a well run dry, I am a clouded, starless sky
              Without Your breath of life I would surely die
              But You gave your life for mine
              And as it turns out, this fickle heart in my chest
              Sometimes it beats for everything but what is best
              But when I turn down this voice I hear in my head
              I give you room to speak and offer life instead
              So take all of these idols, all of my idols and lay them to rest
              -Jessa Anderson/Idols

              I know the statistic. When she turns 18, she will have memorized the lyrics to over 2,000 songs. How AWESOME is it that our children get to grow up listening to Pulse 99.5FM, ensuring that those lyrics are good ones? I know from experience – when she needs to hear them again, God will bring this song to mind, even years from now.

              Music. It’s a powerful thing. Use it wisely!

              Our Fall Pledge Drive kicks off this Wednesday, September 17th. Please pledge your support of great music in the central Iowa community!

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