CityStop Update (July 31st – August 2nd)

It was a great week of CityStops, and it started off with one of the most moving I’ve experienced all summer.

10339662_10152611745462174_2425347512631353497_n Thursday, I stopped by an awesome park lunch in Ankeny. First off it was really encouraging to see the community being served and being connected with by these great people, who gave their time and resources to give a free meal. Second, I connected with the family who had invited us out to the event, and was moved beyond words at how much the young daughter knew about Pulse 99.5, the artists we play, as well as the lyrics. It brought it into even clearer focus how much the music we play impacts those who listen, especially the young ones who are growing up on positive, relatable, awesome music they can enjoy and be encouraged by. Especially to see a young girl know these lyrics hit home, knowing she wasn’t being degraded or made an object, but encouraged to be a light, to grow up to be a pioneer, a woman respected, and that she is loved. Tears were already filling my eyes seeing this, and then seeing her go through our music guide with her father made it priceless. She knew the artists, and seeing them connect via our music… Beyond words I can express! So glad I got to stop out at that event!



Next, I stopped out at the Freedom for Youth Car Wash fundraiser. We love our friends at FFY and all they do for the youth in the Des Moines and surrounding areas. I definitely had to support their fundraiser, and they even gave the Pulse car a nice wash! It was a fun event, and I’m grateful to stop by and be a part of what they’re doing.






Finally, on Saturday, I had a fun CityStop at Dance-A-Cross! We’ve always enjoyed working with Chris and Susan Palso, and it was great to see them all again. To see the impact they’ve had on the West Des Moines community, dancing to glorify God and be a positive influence in the kids lives that come in means a lot. I was glad to be able to stop by and add to the fun!


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    Take the 30 Day Challenge


    When you flip stations on the radio today, and really pay attention to the lyrics, you might find that song that you thought was so fun actually has a message that you might not be so proud of.

    That’s why we dare you to take the Pulse 99.5FM 30-Day Challenge.

    Make Pulse 99.5FM your only station for 30 days and see the difference that great music with a positive message can make in your life!

    Listen on your radio at Pulse 99.5FM in Des Moines, Pulse 95.5FM in Ames, and online at Or, download our cool new listening app here!

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      Pre-Order TFK’s new album: Oxygen: Inhale NOW!

      002-5-320x320Thousand Foot Krutch is getting ready to release their latest album, Oxygen: Inhale, and you can pre-order the album on iTunes now.

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        Family Force 5 LIVE Streaming of “Time Stands Still”!

        51R6A9TlV4LWe’re excited to let you know that Family Force 5 is streaming their whole album, “Time Stands Still,” before the album drops August 5th NOW!

        Get ready to go BZRK, Dance Like Nobody’s Watching, and Sweep the Leg… Okay we’re done with the puns…

        You can listen to it here , and let us know what you think of the album!!


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          CityStop Update (July 23-26)

          We had a couple events this week and we thoroughly enjoyed stopping by each one!



          The first was on Wednesday night for a car wash at Des Moines First Assembly off of Merle Hay. Our friends at Freedom for Youth were also there raising awareness for their ministry as well! It was a great night, we had a lot of fun playing Pulse music, and even put Pulse window stickers on some cars!



          10562942_10152596972912174_3966202955384342921_nNext, we swung by Wildwood Hills Ranch on Thursday to cap off a great summer of camp. The kids were awesome to hang out with and we enjoyed being able to talk with staff and the excited campers during their free time. We’ll miss not being able to go down every Thursday, but we’re looking forward to next year!


          Finally, we stopped out to “Inspired Locally Marketplace” in Valley Junction for their Christmas In July sale. The store is a place for local artists and crafters to sell their work and home goods. A percent of their proceeds goes to “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Des Moines” – Be sure to check them out! They’re located at 415 5th Street in Valley Junction, caddy corner to the post office!


          The summer is not over yet, so if you’d like to have us out to YOUR next event, request your FREE CityStop today!

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            Album Review: Family Force 5 – Time Stands Still

            timestandsstillLast year, we heard the news that Family Force 5 frontman SoulGlow Activatur (Solomon Olds) was taking some time to step away from the band  to take some more time for songwriting, remixing, and being with family. Though we all could understand, and I certainly respected him for his decision, this left an uncertain atmosphere with what was going to happen to FF5… it was also a pressing question of: Would they keep going? SoulGlow’s brother, Crouton (Jacob Olds), became the new lead singer of the band, and after much work and glimpses at the new sound/look for the band, we now have their latest album, Time Stands Still.

            FF5 has always been a fun group to experience, ever since “Business Up Front/Party In The Back”, these guys have put out some pretty crazy, but awesome, songs to rock out to. As you first dig into the new album, you see this hasn’t changed. In fact, I felt some waves of the early days of the group in the first track, Sweep The Leg. For a first track, at first you wonder, “Why?” The track is random, but it also, in my mind, encourages the listener and faithful fans, that they haven’t really changed too much from their roots, and are still ready to get crazy! It continues through their next track, BZRK (feat. KB), which in my honest opinion, is one of the best songs on the entire album, and we’re also playing it during our AfterDark segment of the night on Pulse.

            After this, the group takes a detour,  switching up to a more pop sound, dabbling in some dance vibes. A notable mention is a feature from Melodie Wagner, of Hillsong Young & Free, on track five to their song, Walk On Water. As the album continues on, I find the album, though switching up sound/vibe every few tracks, has a very comfortable cohesiveness to it. Through most of this album, you can tell it’s Family Force 5, and though it’s not with the vocal familiarity of SoulGlow, Crouton still brings it, especially through track twelve, a Pulse hit, Let It Be Love, which I think is the song the band speaks heavily on how they strive to live day to day.

            Overall, I think Time Stands Still, like previously said, flows well throughout, there aren’t any tracks that stick out like a sore thumb to the rest of the songs, and by the end, I believe many FF5 faithful’s will be impressed and content with this offering from the group. I definitely was, because as I tried to think of my favorite songs throughout the album, there were too many I enjoyed to separate them and make a favorites list. Well done, FF5, well done.

            You can pre-order the new FF5 album here.


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              Pre-Order Lecrae’s new album “Anomaly” !


              Lecrae is dropping a new album this September called “Anomaly” and the project is now available to pre-order!

              Pre-order it now.

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