The Power of 20!

Twenty years of Pulse 99.5FM in central Iowa.

Submit your story over on the right -->“Pulse has been a God-send since my wife and I moved to Des Moines 4-5 months ago. Our radios are permanently fixed on you guys and we love the station! I recently heard about your guys’ finance situation and my wife and I want to help. We donated $200.00 today to the cause. Keep up all the great work you guys do! You may not believe it or see it everyday but your station and everyone there is making a large impact in Des Moines and surrounding areas. I’m proud and honored to give a little extra monetary help to keep the good news and blessings flowing. I hope our small donation will help make a large difference for you guys. Thanks again!”

- Chris / Des Moines

Submit your story over on the right -->“To support something like Pulse 99.5 from a financial standpoint as well as investing time is to be actively engaging in God’s work. He tells us that His Word will not come back void. To see that Truth active on a daily basis is a blessing. Believe me when I tell you that every dollar of support is used with reverence by people who take the mission of Pulse 99.5 seriously. So, as a volunteer for 18 years I want to assure you that no matter when you joined us in this journey, it is because of you that 99.5 is on the air. God puts a song in each of our hearts that only He can complete. Please check out the music, the mission, the message and the chance to engage in the big picture. It’s important after all…it’s YOUR Pulse.”

- Janet / Indianola

Submit your story over on the right -->“Tonight I was driving to a park to go hang out with some friends but for whatever reason I felt lonely. I got to the park before anyone else and I was thinking about pulling out my iPod to listen to Not Alone by Red… but you guys did it for me! I immediately started to tear up because I knew God was right there with me, as He always has been. Sometimes a little reminder is needed. I just wanted to extend my appreciation to all of you at Pulse 99.5 for what you do. I know something as simple as playing music can have a much deeper impact than anyone can imagine. Love you guys. Keep it up and God bless.”

-Jake / Des Moines