The Power of 20!

Twenty years of Pulse 99.5FM in central Iowa.

Submit your story over on the right -->“You gotta love it when your daughter shouts from the backseat: ‘Turn it up, Mom… we sing this one at church!’  Pulse is the station we always listen to.”

-Mandee / Waukee

Submit your story over on the right -->“I literally stumbled across this station the other day driving to work as I was close to Ames . . . after attending LifeLight in South Dakota, I was wishing that there was a radio station that was a bit more contemporary and edgy with the other great Christian music artists out there . . . God winked . . . and I found your station! I also have 3 boys who love this music!  God bless your station!!!!!”

- Angela/Boone

Submit your story over on the right -->“I love that our girls always say ‘turn it up, this is my favorite song…’ and they say that about almost EVERY song!”

-Pam / Des Moines