The Power of 20!

Twenty years of Pulse 99.5FM in central Iowa.

Submit your story over on the right -->“I’ll tell you why I love this station! I love hearing my 7 yr old singing along and rocking out to the music! I love when my 5 year old questions me about lyrics and I get to explain God’s grace and love to her and then we sing the song together! And I love when my 2 year old repeats very exuberantly, ‘My music matters!’ Thanks for all you do to help me teach my children about our wonderful God! We listen to Pulse exclusively (except when we put in the Silly Kid Songs CD!)”

-Lisa / Des Moines

Submit your story over on the right -->“So, I got this radio for Christmas. I wasn’t so into the whole christian music scene at the time. When I was moving furniture in my room, I accidently knocked my radio of my desk. When I had plugged it back in, the only working radio station was Pulse 99.5. I wasn’t too happy about it at first, but I had been an involved listener at one time. Ever since then, I am (once again) an involved listener. I listen to it in the car and my room when I’m hanging out or getting ready for school. Now my family is also very much in love with our local music station-even my grandparents! Just wanted to say Thanks to Pulse and God!”

- Tabitha/Des Moines

Submit your story over on the right -->“To support something like Pulse 99.5 from a financial standpoint as well as investing time is to be actively engaging in God’s work. He tells us that His Word will not come back void. To see that Truth active on a daily basis is a blessing. Believe me when I tell you that every dollar of support is used with reverence by people who take the mission of Pulse 99.5 seriously. So, as a volunteer for 18 years I want to assure you that no matter when you joined us in this journey, it is because of you that 99.5 is on the air. God puts a song in each of our hearts that only He can complete. Please check out the music, the mission, the message and the chance to engage in the big picture. It’s important after all…it’s YOUR Pulse.”

- Janet / Indianola